Building a 'Developer First' Partner Ecosystem

As video has become an increasingly important medium to connect, educate, and entertain, Mux is creating the best video streaming platform for developers. Mux has built a developer-first partner ecosystem to enable developers to create innovative video experiences without worrying about the complexity and nuances of creating flawless videos.

Join us on Wednesday, November 17 for at 2:00 PM PT for a one-hour webinar and Q&A session with Eric Elia, Head of Partnerships at Mux, and Scott Shepard, Director of Sales of at Pronto, to learn how to establish an ecosystem that aligns technology partners in a way that generates value and exceeds customer expectations.

Questions that will be explored include:

  • What are some key considerations and pitfalls to look out for when building a partner ecosystem?
  • What does a thriving partner ecosystem look like, and how does it differ from traditional channel programs?
  • How do you evaluate various partnership tools and solutions in the market?
  • How can companies best measure the impact of their partnerships?



Eric Elia

Head of Partnerships
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Scott Shepard

Director of Sales